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K-Selected Life-History Strategy, Mating Effort, ... :

>A K-selected life-history strategy allocates an individual's bioenergetic and material resources preferentially to Somatic Effort over Reproductive Effort, and to Parental and Nepotistic Effort over Mating Effort, emphasizing the survival of individual organisms (wether self, offspring, or kin) over the production of new ones.<

Aurelio J. Figueredo et al., Consilience and life history theory: From genes to brain to reproductive strategy, 2005

Gen-Kultur Koevolution:

War die Humanevolution u.U. ein verhältnismäßig aktives, d.h. von der Eigeninitiative menschlicher Gruppen geprägtes Evolutionsgeschehen?

Samstag, 29. Dezember 2012

East Asians & Libraries:

>On college campuses, East Asians are overrepresented in the library and underrepresented on the athletic fields.<

Donald Templer

GFP & Personality:

>High scores on the GFP [general factor of personality] indicate a "good" personality; low scores a "difficult" personality (someone who is hard to get along with). Individuals high on GFP are altruistic, agreeable, relaxed, conscientious, sociable, and open, with high levels of well-being and self-esteem. Because the GFP defines clear positive and negative poles, it provides potential for understanding the socially "advantaged" (those with high levels of emotional intelligence) as well as the socially "challenged" (those more likely to suffer a personality disorder). The GFP can be viewed as a dimension of social effectiveness.<

J. Philippe Rushton

Helmuth Nyborg, In conversation with J. Philippe Rushton, 2012

Freitag, 28. Dezember 2012

Gender and Friendship:

>[Findings] clearly suggest that women's friendships with other women play an especially significant role in their lives - more so than their friendships with men, and more so than men's friendships with either women or men.<

Gender role orientations and friendship: Some attentuation, but gender differences abound. Wright & Scanlon, 1991

General Personality Factor & K-Style Reproductive Strategy:

>Research on humans inspired by life history theory has focused on finding evidence for a general peronality factor. Rushton and colleagues have provided evidence for a general factor of personality using FFM questionnaires (Ruston et al., 2008; Ruston & Irwing, 2009). Figueredo and colleagues have linked this general personality factor to what is termed a K-style reproductive strategy, defined as relatively late reproduction, strong pair-bonds, and high parental investment (Figueredo et al., 2007; Figueredo et al., 2004;) (The opposite of a K-style reproductive pattern is labeled an r-style reproductive pattern, characterized by relatively early reproduction, weak pair bonds, and minimal parental investment.) A single factor emerged from 20 scales of personal, familial, and social functioning. Subjects with high factor scores reported higher quality of relationship with their parents, spouse, and children; they provided and received greater support from friends and relatives; and they scored higher on measures of long-term planning, impulse control, relationship stability, and degree of community organization or involvement. This K factor was correlated with a general personality factor, characterized by relatively high scores on Extraversion, Agreeableness, Emotional Stability (the inverse of Neuroticism), Consciousness, and Openness to Experience.<

Temperament & Evolution, Kevin MacDonald, 2012

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Humor as a Mental Fitness Indicator:

Humor as a Mental Fitness Indicator

Daniel P. Howrigan & Kevin B. MacDonald

The H-Factor - Ein 6. Persönlichkeitsfaktor?:

Scheinbar eine spannende Neuerscheinung auf dem Buchmarkt:

The H Factor of Personality: Why Some People Are Manipulative, Self-Entitled, Materialistic, and Exploitive--And Why It Matters for Everyone
Michael C. Ashton

[H steht für Honesty-Humility.]

'Agreeableness' and the Normal Distribution:

>Most people are moderately agreeable - capable of warmhearted kindness under some circumstances, capable of wicked selfishness under others, but generally just muddling along in the seminice, semiselfish state we recognize as the human condition. Relentless good and relentless evil are equally rare.<
Geoffrey Miller, Spent

General Intelligence:

General Intelligence (a.k.a. IQ, general cognitive ability, the g factor) is a way of quantifying intelligence's variability among people. It is the best-established, most predictive, most heritable mental trait ever discovered in psychology.
Geoffrey Miller, Spent

Freitag, 7. Dezember 2012

Social Psychology and Liberalism:

While conservatives outnumber liberals 2-to-1 in the general U.S. population, they are outnumbered 200 or 300-to-1 within social psychology.
Frank Salter

Darwinism, Christianity and Anti-Biologism:

For generations Darwinism has been used selectively to attack religion—mainly Christianity—while leaving anti-biological irrationalism in academe alone.
Frank Salter

“The War Against Human Nature in the Social Sciences” - Frank Salter

Dawkins & Biological Illiteracy in the Social Sciences:

"Dawkins made it clear decades ago that he does not challenge biological illiteracy in the social sciences."
Frank Salter